Petzlife Oral care Spray/Salmon Oil Gel 2 pack kit
Petzlife Oral care Spray/Salmon Oil Gel 2 pack kit

Petzlife Oral care Spray/Salmon Oil Gel 2 pack kit

Petzlife Oral care Spray/Salmon Oil Gel 2 pack kit
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Try our Wild Salmon oil Gel in this twin pack

New! PetzLife oral care gel with added Salmon oil for a tamer taste for your pet to adapt to.

Great for finicky Cats


Heart Health : helps support normal heart rhythm

Kidney Health : helps support renal function

Brain/Vision : helps support the nervous system

Skin Health : helps support coat & combats dry skin

Immune System Health : helps supports immune function

Dogs and cats need both omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids for optimal health, and there is no more natural place to get them than salmon oil. Usually, pets already receive omega-6 fatty acids (found in oils from soya, sunflower, grape, and corn) through their food, but that is not true for the omega-3 fatty acids.

Suggested Methods of Use for Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

How do these products work?

The ingredients in the products mix with the pet's saliva. After application the dog or cat will spend a lot of time licking their lips and teeth. This spreads the product over their teeth. The active ingredients then began loosening harmful plaque and tarter and killing bacteria which not only causes bad breath but can also be dangerous if there is much gum disease.

How long does it take for the products to work?

First of all, you must follow the directions on the bottle closely for cat and dog teeth cleaning. Consistent cleaning for 2 to 4 weeks is very important. After that, simple maintenance applications are all that is needed. Depending upon the teeth's current condition, significant reduction in plaque should be seen in 2 to 4 weeks. Look closely at the gum line area and the condition of the gums at the start of application. These are the areas which will show the first signs of improvement. The center areas of the teeth will be the last to clear up.

Will these products clear up bad breath in dogs and cats?

Yes! Harmful bacteria are the general cause of bad breath in dogs and cats. Petzlife oral gel and spray are designed to kill bacteria on contact. So your pet's mouth not only becomes healthier, its breath becomes fresh also!

What about harmful side effects?

Great news! There are NONE! Unlike the dangers of anesthesia, these products are completely safe for your pet! All you will notice is your pet licking his or her lips afterwards for several minutes. This is a desired actions since it helps to spread the natural ingredients evenly across the teeth and gums.

Gel directions: Using once daily at bed-time is best. Use a soft brush or your finger to apply across the pet's teeth and gums. Don't allow any food or water at least 30 minutes before and after treatment.

Small dogs and cats: 1/3 teaspoon
Medium sized dogs: 1/2 teaspoon
Large sized dogs: 1 teaspoon

There are about 24 teaspoons in each bottle.

Maintenance: Follow the above instructions every 3 or 4 day

Spray directions: Spray in the pet's mouth 1 to 2 times per day for cat and dog teeth cleaning. Right before bed-time is best. Do not allow any food or water for 30 minutes before and after the application. Brushing with a soft brush every 3 or 4 days will enhance results.

Pets under 12 pounds: 2 sprays
12 - 35 pounds: 3 sprays
30 - 60 pounds: 4 sprays
Large breeds: 5 to 6 sprays

There are about 450 sprays per bottle.

PetzLife Oral care Spray & Gel are 100% natural. They have been tested by an independent lab and found to be perfectly safe for your pet's. There are no side effects and are even safe enough to use on people! The main ingredient in them is grapefruit seed extract.

Here is the full list of ingredients:

Grapefruit seed extract, Grape seed extract, Thyme oil, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, and Peppermint oil. These are all specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to produce one of the most effective and safest dental products ever produced.

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