Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste NO FLUORIDE!
Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste NO FLUORIDE!

Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste NO FLUORIDE!

Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste NO FLUORIDE!
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Regular Toothpaste
This is truly one of the most gentle low-abrasion toothpastes available. With a Relative Dentinal Abrasivity (RDA) rate of only 45, this formula provides the greatest protection from unnecessary wear to tooth and root surfaces. This formula is naturally flavored using essential peppermint oil.

•Freshens breath using Oxygene®
•Super concentrated - lasts up to 4 times longer
•Peppermint oil
A Clearly Confident Smile!
Oxyfresh has carefully formulated three unique professional-grade, super-concentrated toothpastes. They last up to four times longer than commercial brands. Oxyfresh toothpastes are specifically designed to contain no artificial flavorings or colorings and are all low-abrasion formulas — preserving precious tooth enamel, root surfaces, dental restorations and cosmetic enhancements.

Secret weapon in fighting bad breath
All three formulas contain the exclusive proprietary ingredient, Oxygene®, which safely and completely destroys bad breath at its source! Oxygene® literally dissolves odor-causing microorganisms by attacking volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), neutralizing their odorous by-products and the harmful effect they have in the mouth. Research has demonstrated a strong association between halitosis and periodontal disease due to the presence and damage caused by VSCs. By wiping out VSCs, you can count on longer lasting fresh breath protection and a healthier mouth. Oxyfresh’s Oxygene®-based toothpastes have formed a solid foundation for high-quality, cutting-edge oral health care products that will support any daily hygiene program while fighting fight halitosis.

Ideal for
•Protecting areas of erosion and root surface exposure
•Those who want fresh breath
•Cosmetic support
•Those who can’t or prefer not to use fluoride

“Oxyfresh Original Toothpaste and Fluoride Mouthrinse are the best products I have ever used. After using it I don’t ever want to try anything else. It makes my mouth perfect!”
Sandra - Saint Louis, MO
Retail — 2 years

I use the Oxyfresh Toothpaste and Fresh Mint Mouthrinse. I always feel like I have that ‘just from the dentist clean’ mouth. I like how clean it leaves my mouth, time after time.
Annette - Birmingham, AL
Retail — 13 years

I love how clean the Oxyfresh Toothpaste leaves my mouth. I've tried going back to my "other" toothpaste and it just doesn't leave my mouth feeling nearly as clean.
Nancy - Warminster, PA
Retail — 8 years

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Calcium Carbonate, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Sodium Chlorite (Oxygene® - Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide), Natural Mint Flavor, Sucralose, Dicalcium Phosphate
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